Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend Fun and Then Some!

It was a busy weekend! We are in the home stretch for my littlest sister's wedding--it's on Friday! My sisters and I got together this weekend for a girl's night out, and had a great time! I got only my second pedicure of my life (gasp!), and I LOVED it. Like, even more than the first one (which was seven years ago). I told my middle sister (who is a middle school teacher) that I was coming back and we were going again right before school starts...I'm really hoping we will! In the meantime, my toes are an adorably cute shade of Essie Bachelorette Party Pink! Love it!

We also went to see The Heat, which I found hilarious...oh my goodness! I hadn't been to see a movie in the theater in a really long time either! Awesome!

Then, yesterday, my whole fam spent the day at my parents "helping" with last minute projects. (I say "helping" because I am sure you can imagine how much "help" a 6, 4, and 2 year old are...mmmhmmm.).

Today, I've been crossing a few more things off my to-do list. Bought my composition books to use as math journals...and looked like a total nutjob in Walmart, because I had to get notebooks that MATCHED. Yep. I bought 28 identical books. Tell me I am not the only one who does this? I only have 21 students on my list right now, but, in my district, at least, we always add a few more during the month of August...and then, you have to plan on a couple of move-out/move-in students, so extras were necessary. Yep. I'm crazy. I also picked up the individual gluesticks for 25 cents each...yeah...eight dollars worth of those (some are for my daughter's first grade teacher).

I also picked up a desk drawer organizer thing at Dollar Tree, and am in the process of spray painting it turquoise. Not obsessive at all. I also bought a pretty wall decal that I am hoping will stay up/look nice on my lovely cinder block wall.

Hmmm...what else? Just kind of chillin' and keeping my fingers crossed that I will win one of the amazing baskets in the Back to School Bash being hosted by some amazing bloggers/teachers/sellers...if you have not checked out their bash, you need to, especially with the final basket they posted today...over $800 worth of stuff in it! Someone is going to be VERY lucky...and if it's not me, I'll survive...but if it were??? How amazing would that be? Yeah...if you haven't seen it, GO:

Anyway...thanks for stopping by to read my ramble. I'm off to spray paint more of my desk organizer, and then pick the kidlets up from their day in child care (they love daycare Mondays!). Talk to you all again soon!


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