Sunday, August 11, 2013


Wanted to let anyone who was interested know that I have not dropped off the face of the Earth! It was a crazy weekend around sister got married on Friday, in my parents backyard (5 minutes from my house) then had a 7 hour reception (Open House Style) nearly two hours away on Saturday. Wednesday and Thursday were spent in major prep, today (Sunday) was spent in major recovery. My kids are TOTALLY out of their routines. Yikes!

Anyway...I was nominated by another great blogger for a "Liebster Award", and I started my post for that, oh, about a week's almost done...but not quite. Hoping to finish it tomorrow! I also get to run some errands with my kidlets, and head out to school for a meeting to discuss what Title I services might look like in our building this year (this is a definite nail-biter!).

I also joined in my first-ever Twitterchat tonight, which was a new experience for me. If you are on Twitter, and are interested, you can follow me, @BeccaAdkins3. I am working on growing in my Twitter skills, just like blogging and's all building your digital PLC (or PLN....what is the difference, anyway??? A possible discussion for another day). More to share, but will do later. Totally tired, and ready for bed now! I think the hubs has been asleep for the past three I said, it's been a LONG weekend!


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