Friday, August 2, 2013

August Currently...

Love this linky! And I am totally loving the blog of Farley (the host of this linky)...she is exactly my speed! If you are a teacher-blog newbie like me, and you haven't "met" her or her blog yet, I strongly recommend it!

So, I will be joining up with currently each month, from now on! I am totally digging this little snapshot of life! Here is my "currently" for August...and I'll share a bit more about it in my post, too!

So, here it is...I was filling out my "currently" while my girls were watching TV, so I was listening to one of their favorite Disney Junior shows, Sofia the it's onto the Winnie the Pooh movie.

I am totally loving vintage bead's been my thing to collect this summer, and I just love them. I especially love when I find them for just a dollar or two at the antique stores or estate sales. They are my new girls are finally to an age where I can start wearing jewelry again!

I am thinking about...everything I want/need to do before school starts, and worrying that I won't get everything done. I know it will get done enough to start the year, but it's gotten done "enough" the past couple years, and I always feel super disorganized within a week or two. I have a teacher binder to create, tons of other new "kid" things to make, organizing and putting away to do, a new math program to figure out, and "new" writing units to make sense of...yep. Oh, and the Daily CAFE book to read, after I re-read Daily Five. Nope. Nothing much to do. Yikes.

In order to work on all of that, I want (and need) my class list. We were given our lists back in June. In the craze of packing up my classroom fast, I put it somewher to keep it "safe" and now I can't find it. I emailed our secretary to ask for it...she can't email it to me, but she can put a hard copy in my mailbox...but I shouldn't make anything based on that list, because the names might not be spelled correctly...I need to wait till next week when all the names are supposed to officially be in PowerSchool. Ugh.

I NEED to spend time in my looks like a tornado went through it, courtesy of taking my girls out there on Wednesday...they got tons of "stuff" out, and didn't put anything away...I have about 12 boxes to unpack (and they are not necessarily nicely organized stuff, courtesy of throwing it all in boxes so our custodian could clean my room first this summer.

And my B2s "must-haves":  First, supplies for anchor charts. I started following the Chartchums blog this summer, as well as reading their Smarter Charts K-2 book (awesome). So, chart paper, sticky notes of all kinds, markers, and repositionable glue sticks. Oh yeah!

Second, I am having a passionate love affair with gym floor is awesome on my tile floor, and it makes lining up SOOOO easy---put a line on the floor, and the kids know right where to stand...and since my line has to curve in order for us all to line up going out the door, a "line" to stand on is a necessity. It saved my butt last year! And the students LOVED it!

Third, coffee. I gave up Mt. Dew last March, and I need the caffeine. Mornings are not my friend, especially when I stay up waaay too late doing my own homework. Coffee, coffee, and more the whole "we can drink coffee in front of our students, but we can't drink soda/pop in front of them unless they can't tell what it is" business. Yeah. Coffee is good. I can carry that around the school without having to hide.

Thanks for stopping by my blog to read what I am "currently" up to. Be sure to stop by and check out the many, many other "currently"'s happening on Farley's blog!


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  1. Hi Becca. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am looking forward to making Farley's Currently something that I do more often too.
    Have fun at your sister's wedding.

    Charlene/Diamond Mom
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