Monday, August 18, 2014

Teacher Week with Bloghoppin: Who?

Hey anyone (and everyone)! I hope you all have had a great summer, and if you are one of the "lucky" ones to already be back to school, that it is going well! I have one more work-free (haha) week, then I am back for PD and Open House. And I have a lot left to do! We start with kids on September 2, and I feel SO far from ready!

Despite that, here I am hooking up with Bloghoppin's Meet the Teacher week, because, why not? I loved doing their scavenger hunt this summer (even if I didn't win anything). What a fun group of teachers, keeping us inspired and motivated, and connecting us with one another. I think that is my favorite thing about being on social media as a teacher--I'm no longer limited to connecting with those people in my building (as amazing as they are).


So, WHO am I? 

I'm Becca :) I'm about to be 37 (shush! That surely is not possible!!!). I'm a career Kindergarten teacher. Yep. 

What about my Family? 

I am married to my favorite guy, ever, my hubs, Brian. That's us at my little sister's wedding last summer. My husband amazes me ALL the time. You might not know it to see this picture, but for most of our relationship/marriage, my husband was obese. And not just a bit, like, really. Over the past 2.5 years, he has lost over 150 pounds. He is skinnier now than in this photo. And he did it all through diet changes and just being more thoughtful and purposeful about what and how he eats. What else about him? We met in college, and have now been married for 8 years. He loves Joe Montana, collecting stuff, and rocks. By education, he is a geologist, but positions in that field were few and far between here, and needed tons of experience, so I like to say he is not a "practicing geologist", but put a few rocks and minerals or landforms in front of the man, and, well...he'll be there a while. 

We also have 3 little girls, though they are getting bigger all the time! Our oldest daughter is 7, and will be in second grade this year. It is the first year she won't be in my building, so that is going to be a big change for me! Our middle girl is 5, and coming to kindergarten, and is a bundle of movement and energy, so that will be VERY interesting. Our youngest is 3, and very excited to be starting in the preschool room at our daycare. These girls keep me on my toes! They love My Little Pony, How to Train Your Dragon, Transformers Rescuebots, playing outside, working in the garden, and "helping" in my classroom. These are my crazies back in was in the low 60s (at best) outside, but the girls were determined they wanted to put on swimsuits and get wet...they quickly changed their minds....but insisted on wearing the suits for over an hour outside..

I am also super close with my parents, and my sisters. They influence me every single day, and make me a better person all the time. I have been blessed to have an amazing and supportive family, and am thankful for them ALL the time. 

My friends...
Well...I'm one of those people who has a few good, close, friends, and who isn't really a social butterfly, if I'm honest. My momma is probably my best friend, with my sisters being next. I know I can count on them, and we have the best time together. Like I said, really blessed. My best teaching friend is my pal, Cheryl. She and I have had classrooms that were attached to each other for the past, gosh, almost five years (you had to walk through my room to get to hers). We just got moved to new rooms, which are separate...which was really worrisome to me! I loved being able to pop over and say "Hey, did you see... Or, "what are you doing about...." and losing that (even if she was still right next door!) was making me sad. The plus side? Our rooms have a folding wall in between, and we asked maintenance to keep one section open. We've blocked it off a bit (it was about a 5 foot opening, a bit too much), but I can pop over to her room, and she can pop over to mine still...YAY!!! I have some other amazing school friends who keep me grounded and motivated, and excited about teaching...our preschool teacher, Sue, one of our school SLPs, Carolyn, and my daughter's soon-to-be teacher, Lisa, as well as our district's instructional coach, Cassie....Miss Cassie gets me into all kinds of trouble as a teacher, encouraging me to get more and more involved, try new things, and be more of a leader. I am SO lucky to know her!    (This is my middle sister (I am the oldest of 3 girls) and I at our cousin's wedding in July). 

What I Love...

Oooh, here is the best part...

I love to read...and I have been SO excited to read a lot this summer! The last two summers, I have been taking grad classes, so reading for fun, didn't work so well. I have read a TON this year. 

I love social media...yes, I admit it. I love Twitter (though I go in spurts on it), and Instagram (I'm on there everyday).

I love Doctor Who and Sherlock. Yep, I'm a fangirl...I can't help it.   If you are DW fan, here's the deal. I adore 11. 9...fantastic. I love ALL the companions, but Amy and Rory, they are "my" companions. I love River and the Doctor. And I cannot wait for August 23, and to give Peter Capaldi a turn in the Tardis. I know I will end up loving him, too.. 

As for Sherlock...well...3 episodes every couple's an addiction. 

I also like sewing and crafting, even if I am not great at it, working in the garden (again, not great, but working on it), spending time at the lake (this is our crew of kidlets last summer, and this summer)...we are blessed to have a cottage on a small lake in mid-michigan, and another about 3 blocks from Lake Michigan. 

Other random loves: fabric, homemade macaroni and cheese, salted caramel, lemon cream cake, making stuffed toys for my girls, Marvel Movies (seriously. Iron Man. Thor. Avengers. Captain America.....), and being silly. 

I am looking forward to learning about more amazing teachers in this linky, and I hope you enjoyed learning about me! Please come back soon, even though school is starting back up very soon, I'm going to try to use this week of blog posts to jump start me into becoming a regular blogger! Enjoy your Teacher Week!!!