Sunday, August 25, 2013

Slant Box Awesomeness!

I apologize in advance if this post ends up garbled. we have been on a all weekend!  atg tnd I am doing this post from the car...and mobile blogger does not seem to leave spaces...and I am really unsure of how images will go...wish me luck!

Anyway...I participated in the Inaugeral month of the SLANT boxes educator exchange. I was paired up with two other teachers, one for whom I created a gift box, and one who created a gift box for me! I mailed my box on Friday, to an awesome first grade teacher named Tami. I am really hoping she loves her box...there were only a few items, but I tried to make them good ones!! I love the handmade item I did for her, and already have requests to do similar items for others-yay!

I got my box on Saturday (my hubs brought it to me from home). My partner, Tracy, is a fantastic third grade teacher. She sent me some great stuff!  Tracy, no worries, you did an awesome job!!!

Okay, so I can't figure out how to put the images in where I want them...I may just be posting, then fixing this post later, when I am on a real computer!   At any rate, the first image attached is the whole box. Looks great...and there is lots od turquoise, which is the main "color pop" in my classroom.

The second and third photos are my super cute journal and pen! Love them...the pen even writes in turquoise! 

A very pretty card...sorry that it is sideways...

Tracey also sent me some cute stickers, and one of my favorite candy bars (and a  coupon on it to use for another one!).
she also sent me a great set of sticky notes--labeled for every day of the week!
Tracey also sent my some cute zebra and chevron labels that match my room and a cute to-do notepad.
She also personalized this magnetic whiteboard for me- and these cute bottlecap magnets!!! That's my SlantBox! Thanks for stopping by! 

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