Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday Snapshots Linky

Hi! I am back again, joining up with a super fun Saturday Snapshots linky party:

 What a fun idea! Mostly took photos of my kidlets this week, since we spent lots of time together! 

 This is my youngest, who is two. The girls were all trying on their dresses for their Auntie's wedding in August.

 This is my four year old. She thought getting all up in the camera was a brilliant idea. I am tempted to post the picture after this, her reaction to the flash...haha.

And this is my six year old. She did her hair herself. Gotta love independence. See that basket back there? That is all stuff that needs to go to my classroom. I should probably go soon.

We went to spend a day with grandma...the girls destroyed the playroom...then the littlest fell asleep in there.

Being silly on the potty. Feels like we've been working on potty training for years (and the child is only two!). One of these days, we'll get there!

See that face? I asked her what she was doing..."I make peanut butter toast!". She had the PB out, and had gotten out a loaf of bread...needless to say, that jar of peanut butter was...well...toast.  The fabric in the background? That's my corkboard and fabric from the previous post. Cute, right? I had just finished washing the fabric...and then she got peanut butter all over. Sigh...

And a little selfie. Because, hey, this is me. All righty...I'm going to head off to see what everyone else in the party has been up to this week, and probably found about 12 more blogs I need to follow. Plus, I'm watching Little Mermaid with the littles...(and the littlest just tinkled on the potty all by herself!...because you all wanted to know that, right??? At least you aren't getting THAT picture in the Saturday Snapshot!). Hope y'all are having a great weekend!



  1. Your children are adorable! Little Mermaid rocks!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  2. so cute. So you have a 2, 4, 6 year old. Love all the pics. I'm glad you posted a selfie.